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Martin Clark

Dallas--Jeez, I'd forgotten to order GENE, so it's a good thing I stopped by. I just called my local bookstore and should have it in hand soon--I've heard nothing but great things. As for the song list, I'll give them all a listen except for "Me and Mr. Jones," which I assume is a cover of the Billy Paul original. No way Amy Winehouse could do it justice. Hope our paths cross soon and all best on the novel. With a big tip of the hat--Martin Clark


I just finished "Season of Gene" a couple of weeks ago. Though lacking the hyperactive dramatic punch of Hudgens's debut, consistent conflict and a whole heap of mischief keep this lean, amusing novel chugging along. Well worth the read...


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Paul (Credit Card) B.

"Season of Gene" I just finished this myself, you couldn't have said it better.


Paul B.

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"Me & Mr. Jones by Amy Winehouse"

Awesome video, she is terrific!

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"Awesome video, she is terrific!"
No kidding, I love her "Back to Black" CD - it's gotta be one of her best.

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Nice list. Your choices are very tasteful!

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