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Lauren Cerand

Hi Ms. THB:

Thanks so much for having me come 'round for a mo' while you're off gallivanting in style!

As a postscript, there's one more book I'm going to be getting the word out about this summer that I believe would be of particular interest to your readers--

Trudy Hopedale by Jeffrey Frank (Simon & Schuster, July 17)... Noted, "On the eve of the 2000 election, the charmed life of Washington hostess Trudy Hopedale is quietly falling apart. Her daytime talk show is about to be hijacked by a younger, prettier assistant, and then there is the horrifying novel that her husband has written in secret, which contains some rather troubling
implications for a former Foreign Service colleague. And what is her mother-in-law telling everyone?"

It's pretty dishy (as are you!)


The Happy Booker

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