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I looked at your list on the other page, and I didn’t see any mention of the statue of Saint Jerome that is near Sheridon circle on Massachusetts Ave. He wrote translations of theology, histories, and biographies. Since his time, he has been associated with scrolls, writing, cataloging, and translations. Does that count for your list?


A slight correction: He wrote AND translated theology, histories, and biographies. Please excuse my missing conjunction.

C.M. Mayo

I vote for Frances Hodgson Burnett!

Carol Nation

I enjoyed my online tour of these statues. Many were ones I had not seen, and am now putting on my list for spring rambles. Especially loved the memory jog of Meridian Hill park. I once spent quite a bit of time photographing the park. (One won an award in the Arlington County Fair photography category one summer.) Now with this memory jog, I want this spring to go and videotape my favorite scenes at Meridian Hill --- hoping there has not been too much deterioration.

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