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C.M. Mayo


Leora Skolkin-Smith

This is horrifying.


Yeah, if this is happening here, in one of the most educated and wealthiest counties in the country (thanks, Wikipedia!), then what is happening at other libraries across the country. Anyone care to venture a guess? tHB


"Clay bought state-of-the art software that spits out data on each of the 3.1 million books in the county system -- including age, number of times checked out and when."

I wonder if they really bought special software for that...most library circulation systems have the ability to generate those types of reports.


Are you really that outraged over having to wait a week? It's only usually a couple days, or you can make the drive yourself...

"Library officials say they will always stock Shakespeare's plays, "The Great Gatsby" and other venerable titles. And many of the books pulled from one Fairfax library can be found at another branch and delivered to a patron within a week."


We don't needs no librarys nohow.


Weeding and discarding materials happens in libraries all the time. Branch libraries, depending on their size, often do not keep "classics" in their collection and only collect popular fiction and current titles. The books could also be in really bad condition. There are a lot of factors to consider here, which may or may not have been covered by the Washington Post.


I think that something may be afoot here. How do we know that patrons aren't reading these books? I realize that space in branch libraries may be at a premium so at least have "classics" available somewhere in the system!




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