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Michael Sick

I too was a friend of Jerry's and his comments and critiques have helped refine my writing.

His passing has raised many questions and thoughts. Much as been debated as to where the soul goes when someone dies. The question that we must also face is what happens to manuscripts of unpublished authors when they die. Perhaps digital publishing could provide an outlet to collect all those unpublished manuscripts and allow readers to rate them (like uTube), buy them for a small fee, or make a donation to a charity in the authors name. This is the digital age. Writing should be able to live on indefinitely.

Julie Ann Shapiro

Hi Mike,
I agree with you. But how would we get something like that going when those that Jerry mentored know him, but perhaps the greater community out there doesn't?

Maybe we create an anthology of the lessons Jerry tought us about writing in a digital book. I think it's a start. All we need is about a dozen to make a book. We could all get his writer friends to write something, build his name out there and when his wife is ready we could try and get some of his writing going.

What do you think?


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