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Welcome back and thanks much for letting me fill in.
So glad you posted the profile of Clare Messud! I'll be getting to hang out with her at this year's IFOA in Toronto. Very excited about it. I'll be sure and give you the scoop at the end of October.


Thanks Ami! We would love to hear about your IFOA experience--and Messud! Wendi


What's with the ziploc bags? I suppose it's to send home contaminated clothing. Your list was daunting. I thought the preschool list was bad enough--sheets, pillow, smock...

And that whole packing lunches thing...man, here we go!!!

Martin Wisse

Isn't it the case that much of these school supplies are never intended to be used by your own children, but are meant for communal use, as school budgets don't stretch far enough to buy enough supplies?

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