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Colleen Rich

The Squid and the Whale


Naked Lunch
Basketball Diaries
Barton Fink
The Hours

Horacio Mono de Calcetines

The Shining
Where the Buffalo Roam
Orange County
A Clockwork Orange


State and Main


Little Women — why didn't we think of that earlier?


Alright. I've officially used up too much time thinking about this, so here are a few more:

Hannah and Her Sisters (and just about any Woody Allen movie), Moulin Rouge, The Accidental Tourist, Finding Neverland, Shadowlands, Before Sunset, Sideways, Adaptation, Before Night Falls, and An Angel at My Table.


"Joe Gould's Secret"-- How did I forget that one?? About a real writer and a not-so-real writer. Worth renting, if only for Ian Holm's performance.


A reader writes in to remind us we've left "Total Eclipse" off our DiCaprio-as- tortured-writer movie list.

We've never seen this film, but apparently DiCaprio stars as the young and wild French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. The movie chronicles Rimbaud's affair with older French poet, Paul Verlaine.

Somehow this movie didn't make it to our netflix queue.


I'm back. You all got my brain working.

How about Henry Fool? And My Brilliant Career.

And I'd second Wendi's mention of Joe Gould's Secret, especially for the scene when Joseph Mitchell tries to explain just what his novel is about. Anyone who's ever tried to explain a novel at a cocktail party will appreciate his utter failure.


How about Field of Dreams? James Earl Jones was a novelist in that one. He wasn't the main character, but he did figure prominently in the film. This sounds like an interesting project!


Oh, and Stand By Me.


What about Henry & June (about Henry Miller and Anais Nin), The Diary of Anne Frank and that Leo DiCaprio one, Total Eclipse (about Rimbaud)?


Love Actually (Colin Firth's character is writing a novel)
The Hours


Much thanks to all of you for making my little list so big.


Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Man of La Mancha
The Door in the Floor

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