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Brenda Coulter

I was surprised by Tayari Jones' playlist, and not just because she's listening to The Jackson Five. ;-) She claims to have been inspired by a particular line from a Wallflowers song, but then she not only misquotes the line, but gets the song's title wrong!

The correct line is, "But this ain't my first ride; it ain't my last try." And it's not from "Three Marlenas," but the track that precedes that one on the "Bringing Down the Horse" CD--namely, "Bleeders."

I know this because I've written thousands and thousands of words with Jakob Dylan singing in my office. (Right now he's belting out "Days of Wonder" from the "Rebel, Sweetheart" album.)


Whoops, Brenda.. but hey, the point is that I was inspired, right? It's a great song...


Right! I'm of the American Bandstand school of music, if "it has a good beat and I can dance to it," then I'm all in. Off to itunes. Thanks again, Tayari! Wendi


(Lighten up Brenda, the sun still shines even if all you can see are the clouds.) I am going to dig out my old Micheal Jackson and see if I can still tap the old toes!

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