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Oh that's my favourite poem from 'Chicken Soup With Rice'.

Sorry to hear about Mr. HB's skin troubles. Hope all is well now!


How I love "Chicken Soup with Rice": I like June--the "group/droop/soup" rhyme has been a favorite, well, for nearly 40 years....

I think your son's teacher is being a bit rigid. Still, you alll might check out Chris Raschka's illustrated poetry books (he's the illustrator--to my shame, I can't remember who collected the poems but they're from great and good poets, not kiddie junk): A Poke in the Eye is all concrete poetry for kids but A Kick in the Head takes you through every form--from common to arcane--with a picture, a poem, a form, a definition (in 7 pt. type) and a little icon illustrating the form's rules on each page.

It's incredible: haiku, sestina, pantoum, ghazal, bantu, sonnet, ode.... All chosen from examples that appeal to kids with gloriously loud pictures. A good cache.

So, he can memorize away and tell his teach to "take that!"


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