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Happy birthday, Happy Booker. I hope you and your blog shared a splendid meal.



Jesus, a year already? Happy anniversary, the 'sphere's a warmer place with you in it. Mazel tov! (And if that Jesus/Mazel Tov combination doesn't really something deeply screwed up, not sure what does ... )


Sorry - really should have been "reveal" ...

Kiril, The Mad Macedonian

Happy Birthday to an always interesting blog!

I just celebrated my BikeBlogs 3rd, and will soon celebrate my other Blogs 4th, in May.

Time flies when you are having fun!

This call for a celebration of some sort.

I'll figure something out. ;-D


as i understand it, the Chinese make the first birthday the time to celebrate a child's birth, because it means he or she is going to make it. and is the blog. congrats.


I'd love to raise a glass to The Happy Booker! I'd love it even more if it was full of something worth drinking!

Happy Blog Birthday!


Happy 1st anniversary! Now, if we could only get you to Richmond before the 2nd...
Seriously, so glad you're out there in the blogosphere.


...and many more! AW


Wow! I must say, you're very grown up for only one.

Happy, happy bloggy birthday--and many more to come....

Cheers, Anne

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