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...Just putting these names where someone, even this week, might still care...

I still care! And I've said, more than once this week (this month, this year) that I'm proud to come from Mason's writing program. Only now, people can put a basketball team to the name, which legitimizes EVERYTHING!


So why aren't Liam "The Cloud Atlas" Callanan and David "Cloud Atlas" Mitchell going toe-to-toe in the Barrelhouse Bracket-Thingie? Why?


FYI: George Mason University is also the only institution of higher learning in Virginia with two Nobel Laureates on its faculty. Dr. James Buchanan received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1986. In 2002, Dr. Vernon Smith, professor of economics and law, was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.


having attended a perrenial sports powerhouse where nobody would take off classes the day of the big game (though maybe the following day with a hangover), it's interesting how students react when suddenly, their school has a big moment.

sorry about florida. is everybody moping around campus today, depressed, feeling like the world is about to end?

great list of books, btw.

Scott W. Berg

Actually, bookfraud (using that name makes everything sound like a gauntlet, doesn't it?), there is very little moping around campus today. Of course, since many classes were cancelled in advance (you never knew) there's very little of anything around campus today.

As most people have heard, few people went to the regular-season Mason games, and so this isn't the culmination of three months of emotional investment, but rather of two weeks. Perhaps because of this, people seem less depressed that the team lost than because there are no more games to watch/attend until the fall. The excitement that will go away now will come roaring back at next year's home opener and four thousand fans each game will turn into, I'd guess,seven or eight thousand. I know I'll be taking advantage of my faculty discount.


thanks for the update, scott, even though i don't feel the gauntlet thing.

the gm response sounds responsible and measured. once, after i had graduated, my team lost a game in the final four, and there was a riot when everyone poured out of the bars. i guess everyone needs a hobby.


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