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i like the soap box mode. you make some excellent points. also, you should have been giving advice to lawrence sumners.


Next year, the freshman book at my university will be *The Double Helix.* Some scientists--one man in particular--was outraged at this elevation of a sexist pig to the supposed heights of our selection. I was listened; I haven't read the book. I mentioned Rosalind Franklin. The result? The freshmen will all receive the book PLUS the intro and epilogue from a biography of Franklin outlining her contributions & how she was cheated out of credit for them.

A good result, I think.

And, like bookfraud, I welcome the occasional soapbox mode. Cheers...!

The Happy Booker

Good for you for including "Rosy," as Watson called her. Poor woman. He has her calling the DNA model "pretty."

And wait till you get a load of how he treats his sister, Elizabeth, who "eagerly" gave up her Saturday because the typist wasn't in, to type up "the most famous event in Biology since Darwin." —Shakespeare's sister, anyone?

But yes, he captures the excitement well, and it's nicely paced and accessible for the undergrads. Let us know how it goes next semester w/ your students.



Rosalind Franklin : The Dark Lady of DNA
by Brenda Maddox

Renee Dodd

I want to take your class! Literature and Medicine scholarship rocks. But alas, the drive there from Georgia would be a bit much for me.

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