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Michelle Richmond

Wendi, I'm a bit sheepish and yet very please to report that I've heard of only one of the books on the list, which means LBC is valiantly introducing readers to new books...yay! BTW, has your aol email now gone defunct?

the happy booker

email should be fine, as far as I know, but with aol you never can tell. what happens when you try? Wen


I'm a firm believer in recommending books by less known writers. But why do you have to form a group and have everyone agree on one book? Whats wrong with telling your audience about a book you like? Conscientous is not always a good thing. Individuality is still king.


I am unfamiliar with "Napoleon in Rags" but the Hold Steady has a song on their latest album called "Charlemagne in Sweatpants."

I'm glad to see authors I haven't read nominated, my reading list can grow even longer!

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