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Alan Cheuse

But Tim, what then do you do with the eleven page opening of Rick Moody's new novel "The Diviners," one of the most amazing preludes in recent years?
Some fiction is tending toward the short take...and scientists tell usthat the brains of alcoholics are shrinking. TV may be driving some people to brevity. But let those who would write that way without thinking...or read that way, too...turn their backs on the long line or the long scene at their peril.

The Happy Booker

Alan, sounds like you're worried that Tim has gone over to the dark side. Is it possible that taking a turn at screenwriting can actually improve fiction writing? Just wondering..

Any chance you'd like to stop by and share your experience this summer at Squaw Valley with us? Wendi

Alan Cheuse


Doug Bowers

This is a long shot. I live in Tucson AZ and have just found what appears to be a very old photo lying on the ground outside a Walgreens RX, of an Indian woman. On the back is written: "Mrs. Marlar Squaw Valley....Elizabeth (Marlar) Osborne's mother".
That last name came up on a Google search of this page. Any ideas? It's someone's mom, and why it was just lying on the ground is a mystery.
Thanks, Doug

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