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Just a pet peeve --
re. the Carly Simon bit---the song was written by SHE?

This is what happens from teaching lots of freshman comp -- these things jump out at me...


okay: HER. or Simon. or Carly. or The Songstress.

: )

I tend to go for a "conversational" style. Notice all the fragments, as well ....

hm. guess I better watch how I sound in conversation.

The Happy Booker

What SHE said! Wendi


why is this cracking me up? we are nerds! to the hilt!


yes , I know -- nerds completely (me, I'm talking about here). I regretted posting as soon as I did it, but right now, the she/her, him/he, I/me thing is driving me crazy...that, and 's where they don't belong...as if there isn't enough to worry about in this crazy world right now, I know! Sorry.

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