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wonderful new book out -
Whores on the Hill

Colleen Curran - author

Happy Booker

Thanks, Dawne. Ms. Curran has been our iPod programming guest.
She's great.
Check our archives! THB


I am a fellow typepadder who was happy to discover your site...am still exploring all of your fantastic links! thanks...


OF COURSE tyepad is featuring The Happy Booker--you're my favorite celebutante Litblogger!!

Happy Booker

"Celebutante" --Oh, we do like the sound of that one! xx, THB


Congrats to THB! Much deserved!

Have a good nap.


You have a fascinating, rich, and intriguing site. Congratulations on your recognition from TypePad.

I'm keeping an eye on you and your guidance through current literature.


That's great PR for a very fun and informative blog. Congrats to you!

Malcolm Campbell

As I got down toward the end of your post, I thought, "OMG, THB isn't the reincarnation of Laura Petrie." Well, THAT was a shock. After a glass of wine, I went back to enjoying your weblog and the great stuff about books.



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A great post as usual. Thank you.

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