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Lauren, don't feel too bad.... Have you tried entering reviews on Allreaders.com? It isn't an easy process, IMO. The first time I tried when the site was pretty new, it took me several back-and-forth attempts to figure out what the pages were asking me to do and what I had actually done. Not much had changed there the last time I tried. IMO, too many of the Allreaders reviews aren't very accurate, which may have something to do with the overcomplicated system. Wish the owner would streamline it more.

I have seen Harriet Klausner's reviews, have heard the many complaints. Don't really have any opinion on her one way or the other. Guess she's kind of irrelevant to me. But I'm just trying to point out that some of her screwups could have been a product of the Allreaders entry system.

Still, should she be reviewing so many books--how the hell can she, especially effectively? I do doubt she actually reads them all, at least she probably doesn't read them too closely. And I think many people familiar with her reviews...are familiar with her reviews. And probably many people familiar with Allreaders...are familiar with Allreaders. Like I said, try not to stress too much over this, if you have been stressing.

Good luck with your latest book,


Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Fran, I very much appreciate your kind words. Honestly, I wish everyone in my personal life were as worried about my stress level! In truth, I don't stress about too many things, at least not for more than a minute. I'd say it's more like I have as much fun as I can with this insane business of writing/publishing, paticularly its peculiarities, of which Harriet is one. Cheers!


I think that at one time, Harriet Klausner (real person, by the way) read and reviewed thoughtfully. Now she seems to be focused on maintaining her title. It reminds of the month in elementary school when Otis H and I were locked in a feverish battle to read the most books in a single year. I won, but I'm ashamed to say that my retention level wasn't optimal.

Volume is good when it comes to hair; not so good when it comes to thoughtful consideration.

Gale Zasada

I enjoyed reading this post.

I do love the last sentence in booksquare's comment, too!

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