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Christophe Casamassima

Reb, I think it's offensive that you write "Poetry is hopeless". Helpless is a better word, I think us poets make it hopeless by saying it is hopeless. I'm being offensive by saying "Helpless" because now I can beat my children -my poetry- but poetry is apart from all that pointing we used to think words could do. Reb, Poetry has a life of its own. We can't save it and we can't defend it; we can immortalize it or forget it. It has its own life. We can re-contextualize it, or brutalize it, but it's still apart from us, like as we're writing it it says "Fuck you, you lousy waste of a good wristflick!" I wish my poetry was nice to me, but because it has become a delinquent, no, since it is always a delinquent, all I can do is put my name on it and hope people will talk to me about it, whether or not it's good or bad or half'assed or what.

It was also nice meeting you at 405 in Baltimore last month. Kudos!


Christophe, hello. It was not my intention to offend, but I stand by hopelessness. Helpless is weak. Hopeless is romantic. Hopeless is the new sexy.

I'll be participating in the Lucipo reading in Baltimore on July 27. Hope you can make it.

beautiful filipino girl

Being sexy is not hopeless but hopeful.

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