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Kevin Smokler

that is the coolest list of music I've ever seen. God, I'm so unhip.

Happy Booker

Kevin, your unhip old-school list is welcome here. Send me a note! Wendi

caroline Kettlewell

Unhipper than thou, Kevin! I believe I have yet to recognize a single group or song in the entire HB "If only..." series. Dear me I have The Romantics, The Talking Heads--and, OK, I'm just going to say it right here and condemn myself to eternal unhipitude--portions of the soundtrack to the Lizzie Maguire movie on my I-pod.

Happy Booker

If you're suffering from eternal uphipitude, then there is clearly no hope for me--thb


I'm glad someone else admits to never having heard a single one of those groups. I don't even have an iPod. I have to borrow my daughter's. But I didn't have to read Michelle's music list to know she was hip. She exudes it.


Should I admit that I don't have an ipod either? I do at least have all my music on my computer--but I didn't even get it from Napster. I do it the old-fashioned way: frequent trips to Amoeba Records to buy actual discs, which I then download onto my computer.

And hey, don't knock the Talking Heads.

Happy Booker

So, how was the reading last night? Any readers from the Bay area care to comment? I am sure Michelle rocked the house.

caroline Kettlewell

Not knocking the Talking Heads (they're on my I-pod after all) so much as demonstrating the clear evidence that most of my taste in music seems to predate the introduction of the CD. I still have the record turntable I bought in 1978. And the records. (Fleetwood Mac, anyone?)

Angelo Foti

Amoeba Records is one of the best used CD stores in the U.S. If every city had one, things would be a lot better. I would consider moving to SF just to be able to get near a store like that.


Don't worry about being unhip, just enjoy the arts, people. Don't make me beat you with my Bananarama greatest hits album!

Happy Booker

Album? David, what's an album?


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