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I actually read this book and in addition to it being the perfect summer read, it's also a book about choices and how we live our lives.

Barbara Wilder

Wonderful book! My fingers are crossed for the paperback version. It just needs the right marketing.

The Midlife woman as Outlaw. You should be doing workshops on this book. You create such great tension and along with it the expectation of a traditional resolution, and then BANG, you shoot it all to hell, and give us a true Power Woman heroine, one who sacrifices nothing but her old paradigm beliefs, and compromises nothing but the old paradigm rules and regulations. Along the way, she finds girlfriends, revisits her adolescent self, and sinks into the "dark night of the soul," from where she, like Innana, rises up to claim her right to live her life exactly as she wants. And all done in such an easy going style.

I see every step that I put forth in my book "Embracing Your Power Woman: Coming of Age in the Second Half of Life" (Wild Ox Press, 2005) paralleled in yours. We are creating a new Hero's Journey - we midlife women - based on our own personal journeys. This is so exciting. Even Time Magazine is getting into the act with last week's cover story, "A Femaile Midlife Crisis? Bring It On."
Women should be reading "Confessions of a Bigamist" in book clubs, and on beaches everywhere this summer. I'm recommending it to everyone I talk to.
Brava! Kate.

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