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Very strange...Just last weekend my girlfriend and I were driving back to DC from NC. We had a caselogic full of my cds (if I only had an iPod), and she was performing admirably as the DJ. At one point, she says, "The New Pornographers? That sounds interesting," and pops in the cd. I smile, because I haven't heard it in awhile. When ATTYIV comes on, I pull over to the side of the road, and say almost word-for-word the same thing that Chris Coake says - "This song is great, but wait until you get to the vocal harmonies of the bells. The song goes to another level."

She smiles. At the end of the song, she removes the cd and puts on some Biz Markie.


I heard Aimee Mann is married to Michael Penn. If true, that kid could be to indie rock what the Agassi-Graf spawn will be to tennis.

Jimmy Beck

God bless the Jayhawks. I saw the Gary Louris-Mark Olson reunion tour recently and was disappointed--I think Olson has kind of gone off the deep end, writing satirical odes to Donald Rumsfeld etc.


Christopher Coake has wonderful taste in music (that means I love everything he has chosen).

I am longing to hear the next New Pornographers record, and still think that "Letter from an Occupant" is one of the best powerpop singles ever.

Dan Wickett

The Coake book is incredible so far as I've worked my way through at least. And Kyle Minor of Frostproof Review highly recommends it - need you hear more?

Scott, you hear correctly - a marriage in indie pop heaven.



And three cheers for the Golden Smog. What the worlds needs now is more Jeff Tweedy. Also, love.

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