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Interesting tactic. If I remember right, the reason she gave for giving it up was that she couldn't find any contemporary novels she felt strong enough about to personally endorse. When she eventually brought it back, she opted for the classics. A better method might be introducing Ms. Winfrey to more contemporary books that she would like. Although she picked quality books, they were certainly books of a specific type and she just may not be fully aware of what's out there.

But then, her vanity would like the idea of her rescuing the literary publishing industry. I wish them luck with the effort. Anything that gets people reading is worthwhile.


Hmm, yeah, that does seem highly suspect that she wouldn't be able to find anything out there worth recommending. Sounds like she didn't have enough researchers on the task or something... and I guess there's only so much she could personally read, truth be told. I know I have been averaging what, a book like every two months here lately.

It's nice to think that she has some sense of integrity though, and I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that anything that gets people reading is worthwhile.


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