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Kyle Minor

Let us now praise Dan Wickett, a good and generous soul if ever one walked the earth. I eagerly await each new Emerging Writers Network newsletter. In its pages, I've read interviews with Lee K. Abbott, Steve Almond, Tom Bissell, Anthony Doerr, Gary Fisketjon, David Huddle, Brigid Hughes, Mike Magnuson, Lee Martin, Shannon Ravenel, Brady Udall . . . (and this is such a partial, partial list.) You're missing out if you don't send Dan an email right-this-second, and ask to join the EWN. You'll be glad, I promise!

W. S. Cross

There are some strange people out there willing to help all for nothing in return. Gerard Jones ("Everybody Who's Anybody in Publishing") come to mind, Dan is another one. It's excruciatingly hard to break through the clutter in publishing, and it's interesting how often the writers are blamed for the books making it into print, as if we'd all choose to write wimpy, precious stories about writers at writers colonies.

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