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What I want to know is why we've never partied? Has THB been keeping us apart?


I thought I heard PJ Harvey blasting through the windows. Suddenly I feel angry and empowered and ready to kick butt. Probably I shouldn't leave the house today...


Sheela-Na-Gig may be the perfect karaoke song, I think.


I'm glad somebody else out there recognizes the genius of Crowded House.(it was crowded house wasn't it?) I loved the video where the lead singer wore bibs sans a shirt.

Happy Booker

Right about the shirtless wonders, wrong on the name-- It was Dexy's Midnight Runners:

"These people round here wear beaten down eyes
Sunk in smoke dried faces
They're so resigned to what their fate is
But not us, no not us
We are far too young and clever.."

I heart the 80's ( perhaps a little too much!) -- THB

Dan Wickett

A female friend of mine, upon being forced to listen to Strangeways Here We Come for the too manyeth time, said she couldn't understand why she didn't like Morrissey. A male friend responded, because you're not a lonely teenage boy. Girlfriend in a Coma is a great choice.

And go ahead, put the Runners on that sucker. Take Robyn's advice and put on some Crowded House too, but only if it's from one of the albums Tim Finn is not a part of - he added a bit too much lounge to the act.



You can hear authors do this audibly on Pinky's Paperhaus, the weekly internet radio show with sassy music and writers who rock. Past guests include Neal Pollack and Mark Sarvas; coming up are Meghan Daum and Tod Goldberg. There are podcasts and archives, too. Happy Booker, you want to come by for a spin?


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