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In recognition of International Women's Day, may I suggest Nicholas D. Kristof's "When Rapists Walk Free," in Saturday's (3/5) New York Times.


I just had a chance to check out the folding video adn since I don't have a sound card, I have no idea what is being said, but I'll admit this is a stunning display of folding virtuosity. Of course, I'd be even more impressed had the shirt been folded into the shape of a crane, but still, this is pretty good. Next week's feature: fitted sheets.


Your blog's good stuff! Yep, I believe the only reason I knew it was International Women's Day was because I clicked on the symbol on Google. I wish I had been a little more aware of the fact.


Thanks for the Elegant Variation link. I think the back story about the inspiration for "Juniper Tree" to be more interesting than the story itself!

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