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Okay, I'll weigh in. The work stands alone.
And in reference to your last question: talk to me.


You may feel better if you don't mention Patchett's book, but you'll have more fun if you do.


I think it's an elephant in the drawing room. You have to talk about it, if only to explain why you aren't going to talk about it. Randy is fine with the image as long as you don't go in Paint and give him devil horns.


I'm a few days late to comment,but I think you have to mention Patchett's book. It's such a lovely paen to their friendship and touches on love, writing and faith. It's one of the best books I read last year.

Hey, isn't this lit blog thing fun? As a fellow new blogger, welcome, and please visit me some time.

Randy Cohen

That's not my likeness, that's my logo.

Josh Lukin

Why not also add Suellen Grealy's Guardian article on Patchett's book? And the conversation on "Illness and Narrative Identity" (scroll down) from the "http://www.narrativemedicine.org/conference.html" Narrative Medicine Conference? There's a lot to discuss about the ethics and reliability of Patchett's project, which could be made very interesting to the HCP's.

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