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Art Taylor

Love the new blog -- and especially this latest entry on "PPP" (Porter's Publication Party, also being bandied about as "The Five S's," (Susan Shreve's Super Supper Shindig)).
Was gonna email you directly but can't find the place on your page that says "Email me!"
Can't wait for future updates and to find out who your mystery guest is going to be.
Tuning in Thursday.....

Book Coolie

Oooh. You are a tease.


This is a total aside, but there was an interesting article about Politics & Prose in last week's Wall Street Journal, of all places.

Porter Shreve

Hello Happy Booker,

Wonderful to see you and to catch up the other night at my reading/shindig. Thanks for picking up a copy of Drives Like a Dream. I'll see if I still have any pull with my mom to score you those free tickets to the P/F awards. I'd love to see the blog's eye view of PEN/Faulkner -- to my mind the best literary outfit in the land.

Great site!


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