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rick Perlstein

Be sure to check out today's "knickerbocker" column in the New York Sun if you haven't already...

Angela Stubbs

How do you remember the characters, etc with all of your books all over (work, home, bedside, bathroom, etc?)

That is feat. I have a few strewn out but nothing like that. And I feel very discombobulated(sp) when I am in the midst of 3-4 books unless they are short-story compilations because you can actually begin and end a story.

My hat's off to you!

Alan Cheuse

And mine to you, if you can remember all the short stories.
(Note taking is my secret.)


Re notetaking, any secrets of the craft to share? Digital or analogue? Index cards or notebook? Do you write in your books or just dog-ear the pages? Do you keep your notes when you're finished with the review?

Thanks for subjecting yourself to this web-grilling.;-)



Just notes in the back of the book and
in the pages...holistic, not digital....


A traditionalist!


Not that I'm demanding you start your own blog, Alan, but if you do may I suggest "Cheuse Carefully"? I appreciated the tour of your reading room(s).


In the opening chapter of "On Becoming a Novelist" my dear late friend John Gardner made an even worse pun than yours, but not that much worse....


Wow, I admire your busy-ness. (That's not really a word, is it...) My goodness. My book piles are actually starting to frighten me. I feel like my bedroom is one hell of a fire hazard, quite frankly. I keep meaning to tackle some organization but it just doesn't happen. I really need to find the time (not to mention I am starting to feel like one of those packrat people -- though there's always my, "But of course I know where everything is!"


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