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I am out of town! YOU NEED AN EMAIL LINK, a CONTACT THE HAPPY BOOKER link because I do not have a way to contact you from B-ham. I didn't bring the laptop. TELL DALLAS TO GO peep my blog, yesterdays entry, and that I am I am sorry but my LINKS are not working, which enrages me, or I would have linked to both of you yesterday grrr. I have webmneister Scott on the case. Also I am dying of a cold. SO I hope this makes any sense.

I will come back tomorrow to see who the interviewee is!

Rosemary H. Salem

I just read about this contest in John Stossel's "Give Me A Break" e-mail. Will you be doing this again? I may not win, but would like to include my story. Just a short synopsis: After the war in 1945 my father sold our business, etc., & we went to Lebanon by ship. The primitive experiences we had live within me today and that is why I appreciate our good United States of America. I was 7 years old when we went to Lebanon. We returned in August 1947.

Dissertations Writing

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