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» The Quiz from Collected Miscellany
The Happy Booker started a quiz thing and Booksquare tossed the hot potato this way...it's dark and that means it's late. My book of all books to keep from the flames? The Ghosts of Africa. German occupied Tanzania circa 1917.... [Read More]



Ah-ha! A challenge! Ok, I'm on to it, honey!


Hee hee, I totally misinterpreted that first question.

And that's too funny about Laurie -- so true!!! I like your choice of crush...


You're a Heathcliff chick? Wow, I knew things were wild over here. However, in defense of Laurie, Jo wasn't right for him. I've always had a soft spot for Amy...

Happy Booker

Laurie??!! Come on, there was NO sex appeal there. Zero. Plus, who would turn down a wild writer to marry her book burning sister (remember that, she's vindictive!)? Is this the beginning of a blog feud?


Done and done!

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